Heal The Flu


 Every year, we’re bombarded with influenza vaccine paranoia and media hype surrounding influenza. Every year, we’re encouraged in some occupations, mandated to get influenza vaccines to prevent this deadly killer. Every year, our physicians tell us, Its going to be a bad influenza year, better get your shot. The rest of 2013 is proving much of the same. The latest H1N1 scare in Houston, Texas, has caused many individuals to once more doubt their decisions to forgo an influenza vaccine. Once more, media hype and hysterics is winning. When the media saturates our televisions, the internet, and our Facebook walls with their info, it’s hard to remain objective and logical. 

Third party, independent researchers have consistently concluded this is false. In fact, the Cochrane Summaries concluded that, At the best, vaccines could be effective against only influenza A and B, which represent about ten percent of all circulating viruses. At older people, the influenza vaccine is even less effective, bordering around perhaps 8% . Media hype and hysterics are a necessary part of selling a vaccination that many Americans chose to decline every year. Whilst the CDC estimates as much as 49, 000 people can die from influenza every year from influenza, each single influenza, or influenza related death is reported with fervor and enthusiasm in the media, meant to scare the public into vaccinating their families. With the latest H1N1 scare in Houston, Texas, this intentional influenza vaccine blitz is even admitted by the local media: Health officials say it isn’t too late to get a vaccination. They note that since the media have begun reporting influenza deaths, demand for the shots has spiked. In the year 2009, the same H1N1 scare hit the country, and it was only afterwards we learned that the rapid influenza test used to diagnose H1N1 was only accurate as little as perhaps ten percent of the time.

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