life without cancer


Breast cancer isn’t a Pink Ribbon. Please say that out and tell it. The analysis of breast cancer is an experience to the sufferers, but also friends and the households around them. The attention breast cancer get is high not large enough that we need to not discuss the ribbons, but also address what breast cancer therapy is about. Breast cancer affects the symbol of femininity shattering women definition of beauty and tearing down. Cancer treatment takes away human beings such as hair, eye lashes, breast, skin and nails most outstanding features. Breast reduction after mastectomy in breast cancer therapy is not destructive and only painful, but emotionally. 

Girls value breast as one of their attraction points for men. This explains why people spend billions of dollars per Year to augment breast in order to look HOT and attractive to guys – I had been searching Google on breast cancer survival tales and I noticed that not many tales discuss the psychological pain girls go through during their breast cancer struggle. Not many breast cancer survival tales tackle the issue of mastectomy and breast reduction surgeries which happen to insured. That that I came across the SCAR project by David Jay, a fashion photographer who has dedicated his photography into re empowering girls after mastectomy. 

David is a true hero to me because feeding as a man, he has taken the best stigma of female beauty And used it to show breast cancer survivors which they can be beautiful even after breast cancer surgery – Breasts are typically obscured in non pornographic photography\/media, but David challenged the norms and used his photography to show how girls look after mastectomy. As opposed to Demoralizing, Davids photography is enabling and creating a brand new tribe where the world will see breast differently. In most situations total radical mastectomy has to be done to save breast cancer sufferer life.

David Jays scar project has demonstrated against the normal anticipation that by photographing girls for the scar project isn’t just helping girls regain the courage, confidence and positive view of the femininity and human sexuality, but additionally empowering the public to view them feeding as beautiful again. To me, these SCAR project pictures show a brand new change in societys acceptance of a tribe of scarred, breastless and one breasted girls. This new tribe motivated by David is growing and will at some point in future became the norm, only the same way people no longer see women that are pregnant as unattractive. This exposure will assist women to accept what we could not be capable to change.

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