Privacy Policy

In Feb of 2009, Google instituted a requirement that all AdSense publishers display a privacy policy on any web site using AdSense product features. Whether they’re displaying contextual advertisements or integrating custom search, not having a privacy policy on a site puts the AdSense publisher’s account at risk of being terminated. While this might seem severe, Google is very serious about privacy protection and keeping the trust of the general public, especially as they integrate different ad networks into the AdSense system. Sense policies isn’t hard to do, but there are several specific requirements to include in your policy. Bay or Google itself. 

The policy must describe what you do with routine web server data as well as any personally identifiable info like names and e-mail addresses. Alter the policy to comply with the following requirements: Ensure to your best ability that your privacy policy complies with any applicable laws, particularly those of your home state\/province and country. Mention that third parties, such as advertisers, may use cookies and\/or web beacons to track and collect visitor information. Describe how users can use browser settings to manage their privacy, like by disabling cookie support for specific sites. Sense sites or link them all to a central, shared policy. 

The privacy policy should be prominently displayed on those sites, too, in order that users may easily find them and relieve any privacy concerns they could have. Note that Google doesn’t offer specific samples of compliant privacy policies, nor do they offer specific legal suggestions about what to place in your policy. All they do is state their requirements, it is up to you to come up along with a suitable policy. That is why you will usually begin by modifying another person’s already published policy and adapting it to Google’s requirements. For an example of a simple and general privacy policy for AdSense publishers, visit the How To Setup A Website to easily and quickly generate a comparable AdSense compatible privacy policy. Eric Giguere is a writer and software developer who has written extensively about computing and technology. Make sure to read his other articles for more intriguing info on a broad range of topics.